PK Road AB is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Lithuanian company AB Panevezio Keliai, which was founded in 1993. The company has sales of approximately 750 MSEK and has 600 employees. AB Panevezio Keliai specializes in works with land, road and rail. AB Panevezio Keliai is part of the PK Group, which was established in 1965 and is the market leader in Lithuania and the Baltic countries. PK Group has sales of approximately 3,000 MSEK and has approximately 800 employees. PK Group is comprehensive in “civil engineering” and works with land, road, rail, concrete and buildings. Within the Group, there are wholly-owned companies that work with ballast extraction, concrete production, asphalt production and construction. The company also has its own design department for turnkey projects.

PK Road AB has sales of approximately 175 MSEK in 2018 and currently has about 40 employees. We will expand further in the near future by actively working through tender procedures in mainly southern Sweden. PK Road AB has its head office in Lund since October 2017