Lund-Arlöv 4 tracks

Project details

Staffanstorp and Burlöv municipalities
Autumn 2018 – Summer 2019
Water, sewage and road construction work
J.V. NCC/OHL Administration
Information, contact & images

In the project, the southern main railway line between Malmö and Lund is being built from two to four tracks. PK Road AB carries out water and civil engineering works that include shafts, laying of pipes, connecting pipes, packing of materials and filling. Among other things, piping of waste water pipeline with 315PE, 160PE (pressure) and 450PP (self-contained) pipes, drinking water pipe with 75PE and 63PE, rain water pipeline with BT1000 and BT1400 pipes, drainage with DR235 / 200 pipes.

The project started in October 2018 and is planned to be completed in summer 2019.

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